Captain the cat provides mouse patrol and emotional support to Barksdale Honor Guard

Elizabeth Howe
April 19, 2019 - 12:19 pm

Photo courtesy of DVIDS


Have you met the Barksdale Air Force Honor Guard's special teammate, Captain?

“Captain has two purposes, she is a morale booster and she fights what we call the War on MISIS,” said Tech. Sgt. Brandon Henry, Barksdale Honor Guards NCO-in-charge. “It’s a play on words for the war on ISIS and her efforts in mice deterrence. MISIS actually stands for Mouse Independent Society of Interior Structures.”

Photo courtesy of DVIDS

In addition to mouse deterrence, Captain provides emotional support to the group. 

"It can be difficult for these Airmen to deal with death all the time, but Captain helps lighten the mood and strengthens a sense of family within the team,” said Henry. “Everyone comes to visit her. Past Honor Guardsmen, people that find out about her, even the Airmen that live in the dorms and can’t have pets; they all just stop by and pet her."

Photo courtesy of DVIDS

“There’s something about that cat,” Henry said.

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