Cajun Navy doesn't wait, performing rescues in Florida Panhandle

Phil Briggs
October 11, 2018 - 9:28 am


Within hours of Hurricane Michael pounding Panama City, Florida volunteers with the Louisiana Cajun Navy were already living up to their motto Rescue, Relieve, Rebuild.

A WFLA news crew was riding along with them and surveying the area when they encountered more than just storm damage. 

As the WFLA cameras rolled, Cajun Navy vehicles immediately came across people in need, including a couple with children who had traveled 14 miles to find help.

According to WFLA by Wednesday, Cajun Navy volunteers had already helped over 22 people. 

Cajun Navy founder, Clyde Cain said his advance team told him, "It literally looks like a bomb went off."

Cain, added, "So I'm going in with a trailer full of as many chainsaws, chains, and ice chests as we can bring.  We're going to clear some roadways,  people's houses and get busy." Cain explained how this relief effort was similar to what he saw with Hurricane Katrina, "There were some neighborhoods, you get couldn't get to 'em because all the pine trees were down.  So now we gotta go cut our way into the place."

Cajun Navy Facebook /

Though Cain says the scene is horrifying, they are going to help, "We have expanded ... I've also started the Disaster Task Force, and I have 25 DEA agents coming to assist because they don't want to wait for FEMA to send them.  So help is on the way."

Based in Hammond, La. the Louisiana Cajun Navy is comprised of volunteers, many of whom are veterans and first responders.  Their website clearly states their mission, “We don't wait for the help, We are the help! We the people of Louisiana refuse to stand by and wait for help in the wake of disasters in our state and the country. We rise up to unite and help rescue our neighbors! Our mission is to help the people who can't get help, not only in the wake of the disaster but in everyday life. From the underprivileged, the homeless, and all veterans in this country, we won't stand by and watch another person suffer, struggle, and fight for their lives, while the world passes by. We're here to do something about it and make a real change in the lives of many.”

For more information or ways you can help the Cajun Navy's relief efforts click here

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