The guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG 61) fires a Tomahawk land attack missile April 14.

U.S. Navy photo by Lt. j.g Matthew Daniels

Breakdown of the targets and weapons used in Syrian Strike

April 14, 2018 - 11:47 am

The Pentagon announced Saturday the names of the three Syrian targets, as well as the ships, aircrafts, and types of weapons used in the joint strike the night before. 

“I’d use three words to describe this operation: Precise, overwhelming, and effective,” said Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He briefed the press about the military assets used in the strike.

Here is what we know about the targets and the weapons used to destroy them.

1st Target: Barzah Research and Development center- Greater Damascus area

76 missiles fired on the target:

  • 57 Tomahawks (TLAMS)
  • 19 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSMs)

“We believe that by hitting Barzah in particular, we’ve attacked the heart of the Syrian chemical weapons program,” said McKenzie.

2nd Target: Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Facility- West of Homs

22 weapons fired on the target:

  • 9 US TLAMS
  • 8 Storm Shadow missiles
  • 3 naval cruise missiles
  • 2 scout land attack cruise missiles. 

“This target was attacked by all coalition forces,” said McKenzie.

3rd Target: Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Bunker Facility—West of Homs

  • 7 scout missiles were fired on the target.

The ships and aircrafts used in the attack were:

In the Red Sea

  • Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Monterey: Fired 30 Tomahawks
  • Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Laboon: Fired 7 tomahawks

North Arabian Gulf

  • Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Higgins: Fired 23 Tomahawks

Eastern Mediterranean

  • French Frigate Languedoc : Fired 3 Missiles
  • Virginia-class submarine USS John Warner: Fired 6 Tomahawk missiles

In the air: 

  • Two B-1 Lancer Bombers: Fired 19 JASSMs
  • British flew a combination of Tornado and Typhoon aircrafts: Launched 8 Storm Shadow missiles
  • French flew a combination of Rafale and Mirage aircrafts: Launched 9 scout missiles

Also in the air were “defensive counter air, tanker, and electronic warfare aircraft in support of these operations,” he said.

“We’re still conducting a more detailed damage assessment, but initial indications are that we accomplished our military objectives without material interference from Syria,” said McKenzie.