Brantley Gilbert honors military, veterans in his 'Dog House'

Phil Briggs
July 01, 2020 - 5:41 pm
Country super star Brantley Gilbert honors military veterans


Country rocker Brantley Gilbert is not only performing on TV for America’s birthday this year, but he’s also dedicated a unique part of his house to our military and veterans.

 “We’ve actually had a project and built what we're calling the ‘Dog House’. It’s just a giant man-cave,” he told CBS Eye on Veterans. “The bus goes in it, we got some cars going in it and motorcycles … it’s like a game room/showroom/shop.”

But what makes it a real salute to America's military is the garage’s centerpiece. “The bar itself is actually a shadow box with all the medals and patches men and women have given me through the years," Gilbert said.  "You don’t know what to do with them, because I didn’t earn them. But I wanted to have a place where I could keep them ... and people could look at 'em, ask questions and start conversations.”

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Among the coins in the bar memorial are some real conversation starters. “One of the things in there are the metal wrist bands, that say ‘Gone but not forgotten’.   We put as many as we could fit in there, and I tell ya, looking at ‘em last night, I was looking at some of the dates that people passed away or were taken from us, killed in action ... and I was like, I wonder what I was doing on October 31st 2006.  I guarantee I wasn't doing what that guy was doing.  Whatever I was going through just pales in comparison to that.”

Gilbert’s bar also has a few other rare coins that would make any veteran proud, “I’ve got a SEAL Team Six coin … and I’ve got one from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, so that’s pretty cool. They’re all so unique in their own way and I just think what they represent is incredible.”

With his Summer tour still on hold and a nation in distress over racial injustice, Gilbert shared some words, that like the memories inside his bar are inspiring. “I know a lot of what’s going on right now, are people with voices that need to be heard. I hope we can address the misplaced hate, and get back to what makes us love each other, and make our country better.”

Gilbert will be performing on the nationally televised PBS special “A Capitol Fourth” on Saturday.

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