CBS Eye on Veterans | Black Rifle Coffee 'Kingpin' Mat Best talks pounds of brown

Eye on Veterans
September 04, 2020 - 4:05 pm
Black Rifle Coffee's Mat Best talks about coffee, videos and helping vets

CBS Eye on Veterans talks to WWP and GWOTMF

We hear how Wounded Warrior Project is dedicating over $7 million to support veteran caregivers, and how the Global War on Terrorism Foundation is working with Congress and Washington DC officials to secure a location for the monument which will honor the men and women who have served in our nation's longest war.

Veteran Caregivers get $7.25M boost from WWP

Find out more at Wounded Warrior Project Resource Center

Black Rifle Coffee Kingpin Mat Best   

Mat Best is one of coffee's biggest characters

Black Rifle Coffee is one of the fastest-growing brands in the coffee industry thanks in part to the hilarious videos and gun-heavy branding of co-founder Mat Best.

During our conversation, we talked about his days as an Army Ranger, how he got started making videos, and how he and his veteran buddies (with an equally twisted senses of humor) went from making shirts to making one of the coolest brands in the coffee business.  

I have to admit, after watching their latest video, "Colombian Good Good (Coffee Song)" I couldn't stop saying, "I got the good, good Colombiaaaaan."  After annoying my whole family by pumping the bass-heavy beats all day, I wanted to don my sleeveless Black Rifle T-shirt and flamingo shorts and go to one of those chain coffee shops, just so I could heckle people as they left the store.

Black Rifle Coffee's Mat Best is a coffee kingpin

But beyond coffee, Mat shared some great stories about his time in Ranger Battalion, his thoughts on mental health and the things more powerful than today's politics.

We also heard about BRCC's plans for expansion and their donations to veteran organizations like the Hunter Seven Foundation and the Boot Campaign

Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee Company, former Army Ranger

Above: From Army Ranger to making funny shit in the recording studio.

Check out Black Rifle Coffee Company here

Mat Best pimpin' in the pool, in the latest Black Rifle Coffee video

And for more slightly inappropriate yet f----ng funny videos, click here  


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