Actor sliced off his arm hoping to get more veteran roles

Matt Saintsing
November 01, 2018 - 2:47 pm



Does the average American military veteran have a “look”? Well, if you ask Todd Latourette of Better Call Saul, removing a limb helps. 

In one of the more bat-shit crazy stories to fly under the radar, LaTourrette admitted in an Oct. 29 interview with KOB4 news, that he cut off his own arm and fixed it with a homemade prosthetic, in the hopes he would get more roles as a wounded combat veteran. 

“I severed my hand with a skill saw,” he tells KOB4. “The state of my mind was a psychotic episode.” 

He admits in the interview that he is bipolar and was not on medication when he took a saw to his right arm, cauterizing it himself 17 years ago. 

Not only did he complete the hack-job himself, but he’s benefiting from it. Following the incident of self-mutilation, he’s gotten work acting on Better Call Saul, the hit-show spin-off of the iconic Breaking Bad

“The film industry obviously took a different angle,” he continues to KOB4. “That I was different. And so they liked that.” 

Being an actor is one thing, but posing as something he isn’t— a war-wounded veteran—has weighed on him, and he says it’s time to come clean about the truth. 

“I was dishonorable,” he says in the interview. “I’m killing my career by doing this.” 

He continues, “If anyone thinks this was for personal edification, that’s not the case. I’m ousting myself from the New Mexico Film Industry, and gladly so, just to say what I’ve said.” 

He may be excommunicating himself from an industry that’s incredibly hard to break into, let alone thrive in, but cutting off your arm hoping to beat out the competition by looking more veteran is as crass as it is short-thinking.  

We all make mistakes, but extremities don't grow back. And Hollywood-hopefuls who actually were wounded in America's wars were left out as LaTourette happily took their place. 

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