Bethesda Game Studios teases new Fallout game

Jake Hughes
May 30, 2018 - 10:41 am

(Image courtesy of Jake Hughes)

Something fishy has been happening on Bethesda Game Studio's social media. For the past 24 hours, they've had a picture of their iconic "Vault standby" screen posted with the simple tag line, "PLEASE STAND BY."

The picture is synonymous with their celebrated Fallout franchise. But what could it mean? Fallout 4 only came out three years ago, so it's not due for another true sequel for years. If anything, their Elder Scrolls series is up next on the chopping block.

Then, yesterday, they started a livestream on of... nothing. All it was was the above stand by message with a Fallout "Vault Boy" figure in the foreground. For the next 24 hours, seemingly random stuff appeared on screen. A guy poured a drink. At sundown, they laid down the Vault Boy figure, put a blanket over him, and turned off the lights. At one point, a cupcake was added. It was frustratingly cryptic.

Then, finally, this video played:

But what could it mean? Some have speculated it will be an online game of some sort. Others fear it may be a "battle royale" game like PlayerUnknown's Battle Grounds or Fortnite. But Bethesda isn't usually one to hop on a bandwagon like that. They tend to be innovators, with a spotty record of success, of course, but innovater none the less. I perosnally doubt it will be that.

Maybe it will be an online MMORPG, or maybe it will be a First-Person Shooter version of their mobile game, Fallout Shelter. We can only guess now. We'll just have to wait for their E3 showcase on June 10th.