Best Steam sales this week

Jake Hughes
March 12, 2018 - 11:06 am

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


If you're a member of the PC Master Race, you're likely well aware of what Steam is. For the dirty console peasants out there, Steam is a game-buying platform run by Valve, because Valve doesn't know how to count to three, so now they just sell other people's games. You can find almost any game ever made on it, from retro classics to the latest releases. Steam is known for their big sales events a few times a year, but they usually have some kind of sale going on at any given time. So, I figured I'd take a look at some of the hottest games on sale right now. Let's see, looking at the highest rated titles, we have first... Deep Space Waifu.

Actually, let's change the search parameters, okay?

First on the list is Action RPG Nier:Automata.

N:A tells the story of "androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines." With the gratifying mix of classic RPG elements and a fast-paced, responsive combat system, it's no surprise this game took Game of the Year from many gaming websites. Currently, it's listed as 50% off, selling for a nice $29.99. That's a very low price for such a great game, so be sure to pick this one up if you ever wanted to try it out.

Feel like exterminating some rodents? Then check out Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide!

A game in the same vein as the Left 4 Dead series, Vermintide is a first person shooter and melee combat game which pits up to four players against wave after wave of vicious rat creatures. You'll use guns, axes, and even magic to dispatch your foes as you fight for survival in a Victorian-type world dripping with atmosphere. The game is marked down 75%, going for only $7.50. Its sequel is more popular right now, but this one still has an active community, so don't pass it up just because it's old.

Switching gears to some indie titles, let's dive into some psychological horror with My Lovely Daughter.

A game about pain, loss and how far one will go for their loved ones, My Lovely Daughter puts you in the role of Faust, an alchemist with amnesia who wakes up to find his daughter dead. You'll have to use alchemy to raise "homunculi" to do tasks for you, aid in your research, raise them as your own and then decide whether to spare them or kill them to get closer to bringing your daughter back from the dead. It's a mix of point and click adventure and resource based survival that really hits home with a hard message about humanity. It's only marked down 10%, selling at $13.49, but this one is a new gem that you won't want to miss.

If you like Dark Souls, but you don't want to play Dark Souls, then check out Lords of the Fallen.

Lord of the Fallen is a fast-paced action RPG that steals... er, I mean "borrows" heavily from the Souls series. You'll block, parry and dodge attacks from giant enemies, manage your stamina and collect enemy's essence to level up. I will admit, for all that is does apart from Dark Souls, this game has just enough originality to make it playable and enjoyable. And for only $5.99 for the expanded edition, it's worth a play.

Here's an older title, but it's one of my all time favorites: Dead Space 2.

Like the original, you step into the shoes of engineer Issac Clarke who, armed with a myriad of engineering based weapons, has to dismember horrific creatures called Necromorphs in order to survive. The tension rises as you quickly realize there is an evil plot afoot, and you'll soon find the real monsters aren't the mutated Necros, but human. It's an old title, and it's marked down 75%, so it's only a measly $5.99 for one of the best survival horror games of the decade. Turn down the lights, close the curtains and enjoy this goriffic scarefest.

These are just some of the many titles on sale this week, so check out Steam for more deals!