Benefits in my Backyard: Wisconsin

Splinter-free toilet paper was invented in Wisconsin, thankfully

Jonathan Kaupanger
April 20, 2018 - 12:02 pm



Wisconsin is home to about 400,000 veterans. 

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t spend a few lines here on cheese.  Cheese was discovered by accident more than 4,000 years ago, but talk to a proud Wisconsinite and you’ll know they perfected the stuff.  More than a quarter of cheese produced in the U.S. comes from here.  They make over 600 types of cheese in the Badger State.  The U.S. is home to 60 Master Cheesemakers and they all live in Wisconsin.

The state has given us some commonplace firsts: the first kindergarten class in the country was in 1856, the first ice cream sundae was produced here, the first state income tax was enacted in Wisconsin, and it was also the first state to ratify the women’s suffrage amendment in 1919.  Flag Day was first celebrated in Ozaukee County back in 1785.  Other Wisconsinonian gifts to the world include the largest cow chip throwing festival, largest soup festival and the largest music festival. 

If you are a married person in Wisconsin, keep that wandering eye in check, cheating can cost you up to $10k and three years in prison.  Dairy is king and from 1925 until 1967, margarine was banned in the state.  You can buy it now, but it’s still illegal to be served in state prisons, hospitals, schools and all other state institutions.  Still on the law books in Wisconsin, when two trains meet, neither should proceed until the other one has.  (No, there is not a typo in that sentence.) In La Crosse, it’s illegal to display naked mannequins in store windows.  In Milwaukee, if one is considered “offensive looking,” it’s illegal for that person to be in public during the day.  In St. Croix, women can’t wear red in public and in Sun Prairie, cats are forbidden from all cemeteries.


There is no tax on active duty or retirement pay in Wisconsin.



  • Veterans receive preference points when testing for open and open non-promotional examinations for state jobs. Veterans with an honorable discharge and at least a 30 percent disability rating from VA may be eligible for Non-Competitive Appointment to permanent positions. Veterans with an honorable discharge receive an additional 10 points added to their passing score. Vets with a VA-approved disability will receive points depending on the level of their disability.
  • Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS) is a one-stop job center for veterans.
  • WiscjobsforVets has links for veterans looking for work and employers looking to hire veterans.
  • WDVA Veterans Retraining Grants is for unemployed or underemployed veterans.  You may receive up to $3k per year for a max of two years.  This is for veterans who need assistance while being retrained for employment.
  • Veterans as Apprentices.  This is the approved register for apprenticeships and formal on the job training programs for veterans.




  • There are three state run veterans’ homes in Wisconsin; in Chippewa Falls, King and Union Grove. Cost of care varies but veterans, their spouses, unremarried widows/widowers and gold star parents are eligible for admission. Application forms can be found here.

Cemetery and Burial

  • Veterans residing in the state are eligible to receive certain end of live benefits. There are three State Veterans Cemeteries in Wisconsin.
  • Eligibility Determination Form.  Pre-needs determination is intended to simplify and assist the veteran’s next-of-kin at the time of death.  This does not reserve a plot or niche at the cemetery.  There is no cost for this.

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