Benefits in my Backyard: Missouri

Single men, between 21 and 50 years old, must pay an annual tax of $1

Jonathan Kaupanger
April 20, 2018 - 12:28 pm



The Show-Me State is home to almost half a million veterans.  There are three military bases in Missouri: one Army, one Air Force and one Marine Corps.  Obviously the landlocked state doesn’t have a Navy base, but one of three battleships named after the state holds a huge place in history.  It was on the deck of the USS Missouri where the Japanese surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur, officially ending World War II.

The first successful parachute jump from a moving airplane was in Missouri above the Jefferson Barracks Military Post in 1912.  Army Captain Albert Berry’s plane climbed 1,500 feet in the air before he jumped.  He fell 400 feet before his chute opened.  On landing he said, “Never again!  I believe I turned five somersaults on my way down.  My course downward was like a crazy arrow.”  Nine days later, he forgot his "never again" statement and did it again.

There are some truly unique laws in the state.  If you smoke a pipe, be aware that inhaling  thorough your ear will land you in jail.  In Kansas City, children can buy shotguns, but can’t buy toy cap guns.  In Columbia, clothes lines are illegal but hanging clothes on a fence post is totally fine.  In Purdy you may think you’re in the movie “Footloose” because dancing is strictly prohibited.  And my personal favorite, in St. Louis firefighters are banned from rescuing women wearing nightgowns; women must be fully dressed.  I guess you just need to plan ahead.


  • Military retirement income is tax free in Missouri
  • Property tax credit for disabled veterans: Eligible veterans who rent a home may claim up to $750 on their taxes. If you rent from a facility that doesn’t pay property tax, you can’t take this credit. This is available to anyone over 65 years old. If you are 100 percent disabled the age is dropped to 60. Surviving spouses who have not remarried may use this as well. Home owning veterans, as long as they reside in the home may claim up to $1,100. Contact your County Assessor’s office for more information.
  • Military Income Deduction gives a deduction for military income earned while on active duty.
  • Military who aren’t required to file a state tax return can use the No Return Required – Military form. This is how you let the state know you are not required to file a return.


  • Missouri Returning Heroes Act. This limits the tuition rate charged to qualifying veterans to $50 per credit hour.  You have 10 years from the date of discharge to use this benefit and must have served in a combat zone after Sept 11, 2001.
  • Wartime Veteran’s Survivors Grant Program.   These annual grants are available for children and spouses of veterans who died or were injured while on active duty.  Injured veterans must have at least an 80 percent, VA rated disability.  The grant is limited to just 25 people per year. The veteran must have been a state resident when first entering the service or at the time of death or injury.  You may receive up to $5,450 per semester.


  • Veterans receive preference points when testing for open and open non-promotional examinations for state jobs. Vets with an honorable discharge receive five points, 10 points are given to veterans with a service-connected disability. Spouses of eligible vets can also receive points.
  • Find info and resources needed to apply for Missouri state jobs here.
  • Employment Services for Veterans
  • Show Me Heroes on the job training is for businesses wanting to hire veterans.  The program reimburses 50 percent of the wages of workers hired through this program.



  • Fishing/Hunting licenses.  Veterans with an honorable discharge and a service-connected disability of at least 60 percent or former POWs may apply for a free license. 


  • First Place loan program helps qualified vets purchase a home.  You have 25 years to apply after the date you left active duty.   
  • The seven state run Veterans Homes offers long term skilled nursing care. Application for admission is here. Veterans must have an honorable discharge and be a state resident for at least 180 days during their lifetime. On a case-by-case basis the monthly fee can be adjusted if financial hardship is documented.

Cemetery and Burial

  • Veterans residing in the state are eligible to receive certain end of live benefits. There are five Veterans Cemeteries in Missouri. For more information call (573) 774-1024.
  • Eligibility Determination Form.  Pre-needs determination is intended to simplify and assist the veteran’s next-of-kin at the time of death.  This does not reserve a plot or niche at the cemetery.  There is no cost for this.

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