Benefits in my backyard

Louisiana, Arkansas and Nevada

Jonathan Kaupanger
March 02, 2018 - 1:07 pm

U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Bill Colclough Sipa USA


Tax breaks and education assistance are the top state veteran benefits in Louisiana, Arkansas and Nevada.


There are five war veterans’ homes in the Bayou State.  Spouses and Gold Star parents can qualify to live in these homes.  Veterans must be a resident of the state and have an other-than-dishonorable discharge.  There’s a fee that’s based on your income.

As far as income tax goes, military retirement pay isn’t taxed.  For veterans who have a disability rated at 50 percent or greater, property tax is frozen at the current rate.  Spouses of deceased disabled vets get the same benefit.  If you have a 100 percent VA rated disability or unemployability then both you and your spouse qualify for a higher deduction. 

Veterans with an honorable discharge can receive an extra five points when taking state and city civil service exams.  A service connected disability will give you 10 points.  Spouses of vets who are rated unemployable by the VA, un-remarried spouses and Gold Star parents are eligible for these points as well.  There are some restrictions that do apply, so check with the Louisiana state VA office for more info. 

Education benefits for Louisiana veterans are pretty typical.  Children of 100 percent disabled vets can get education assistance through the states Title 29 program.  Same goes to surviving spouses of veterans, and their children as long as the vet has a disability rating of 90 percent or more.

If you’re in the National Guard you are exempt from tuition from any state-funded college, university or vocational school.  This works for five years or a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.


In Arkansas, to live in one of the two state veterans’ homes, veterans will need an honorable discharge, no criminal record and a medical need to live in a nursing home.  Arkansas residents have first priority and spouses and Gold Star parents may apply for admission.

To get an exemption on paying personal property tax vets need a 100 percent, service related and VA rated disability.  Or if you receive a special monthly compensation by VA for the loss of one or more limbs or total blindness.  You may qualify for an exemption from all state taxes on your home and other personal property.  This is a benefit that un-remarried spouses or dependent minor children can qualify for as well.

The first $6k of active duty or reserve/guard pay is exempt from tax.  All retired pay is tax free.

You can get free tuition for your dependents as long as the vet was declared a POW or MIA since Jan. 1, 1960. 

Here’s the link to the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs website


The Silver State has one veterans home.  It’s open to state resident veterans, spouses and Gold Star parents.  There is a fee charged.  A second home will open later this year.

Vets with a wartime service can get a tax exemption.  This can be for your vehicle or home/property.  You’ll need to contact your county assessor’s office to get the exact amount of the exemption. 

Another type of tax exemption is for vets who have a service related disability of 60 percent or more.  The amount varies and depends on the percentage of your disability and when you file.  Surviving spouses of veterans can be eligible for this, too.

For veteran employment preference, you can get five points added to any passing grade on state employment exams.  Vets with a service-connected disability receive 10 points.   You do need an other-than-dishonorable discharge to qualify.

As far as Nevada education benefits, active members of the Nevada National Guard can apply for a waiver of tuition and lab fees.  Children of deceased veterans can use this waiver for 10 years after they reach 18 years old.  The waiver works for surviving spouses for 10 years after the veteran’s date of death.  There is a special grant for family members of veterans who were killed in the line of duty while stationed in Nevada as well. 

Check out the Nevada Office of Veterans Services for more information.