These veterans made scrubs you'll actually want to wear

Elizabeth Howe
September 26, 2018 - 5:32 pm

Photo courtesy of BeneFIT Medical Apparel

These Air Force veterans wanted scrubs that were equipped for the demanding work of healthcare professionals - and looked great at the same time. So they made them. 

"I had to wear scrubs, and I hated them," said James Reynolds, BeneFIT CEO. "They didn't fit well, they didn't look good, they were cheaply made. I thought surely somebody made cooler scrubs that look better, feel better, were better fitting, better fabrics, performance-based, lightweight, breathable, wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking. And no one did."

Until BeneFIT.

While the idea was born in 2012, it had to wait through deployments and school before Reynolds finally decided he would regret not pursuing it. 

"I was thinking that if I didn't do it, I would regret it. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew I was going to figure it out along the way," said Reynolds.

It took a lot of Googling, a seamstress neighbor, nonstop research, a year of infrastructure building and Reynolds's photographer sister to get BeneFIT off the ground. But when Reynolds and his two co-founders opened up for preorder, they knew they'd created a high-demand product. Within the first five days of the preorder period, they made $30,000 in sales. Within 30 days of opening for sales, they sold scrubs in all 50 states. 

Photo courtesy of BeneFIT Medical Apparel

"It was an unchanged industry for 50-100 years just because everybody decided everybody has to wear these scrubs and that's that," said Reynolds. "We decided to make scrubs cool and make scrubs that feel good and look good and now people want to wear them."

While the company has truly taken off and now ships to every continent, the process of getting to this point was far from easy. Reynolds attributes part of his success to the skills he learned in the military. 

"Realize that you have to work your but off. A lot of people want instant gratification, and you need to be willing to sacrifice parts of your life and focus on building this company for two solid years every single day," Reynolds said. "A lot of people will hit roadblocks and get discouraged. We did too, but that's where the military stepped in — you adapt and overcome. You figure out a way to get it done. The military mindset is 'we can do this.' And it's always been our mentality too."

BeneFIT soon hopes to expand beyond scrubs to offer products and programs that support an overall healthy lifestyle for health care professionals including gear, apparel and workout programs.

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