An awesome truck tribute for a fallen SEAL

Phil Briggs
April 24, 2018 - 8:51 pm

BDS, Navy, Briggs Illustration

When Navy SEAL Chief, Adam Brown made the ultimate sacrifice fighting in Afghanistan in 2010, he was already a legend. He overcame a blinding eye injury during training, lost parts of his fingers in a crash when his Humvee encountered an IED and after recovery, taught himself to shoot left-handed in order to re-deploy with his SEAL team. Brown could always find the strength to overcome adversity and inspire everyone who knew him. For his actions in Afghanistan with SEAL Team Six, he was awarded the Silver Star for heroism. Illustration

His incredible life has been memorialized in the media through many stories like; Remember Navy SEAL Adam Brown and the biography, “Fearless”.

But his wife Kelly, envisioned another tribute in the form of his beloved ol  ’91 Ford Bronco.

RK Motors in Charolette, NC and BDS Suspension worked with his widow Kelly, to create a bad-ass, Humvee-Bronco hybrid, that captured his warrior spirit in a project that became known as Operation Fearless.

BDS Suspension

"This project took on a life of its own,” said Darrel Johnston, lead designer for the RK Motors team. Johnston, a Marine veteran himself, said “I knew I was part of something really special with this one, and wanted every detail to be perfect for Kelly and the kids. His life was really the true definition of, "American hero."

RK Motors

To find out more, Connecting Vets asked RK Motors, James Helms and BDS Suspension's Carter Reed to tell us about Operation Fearless:

CV: What are some of your favorite features?

RKM: It's hard to pick just one... the body mods really give it a unique look and the coyote motor is a favorite for us, but that dash is just too cool. We even included the Navy SEAL emblems in the's the little details really make it for me.



BDS: After the team began discussing Adam’s life and what would be a worthy tribute, they pulled out all of the stops. This frame off build includes a 5.0L Coyote engine putting out north of 400 horses and a Transzilla F56 6-speed manual transmission. For the suspension, we supplied a 4" Extended Radius Arm Suspension Lift Kit with dual 5500-series shocks.



BDS: Exterior mods include a custom fiberglass flared fender assembly, custom bumpers, Rigid LED Lighting, Warn winch and a matte desert tan paint scheme.



CV: Can you mount a .50 cal. on it?

RKM: Hypothetically! But I'm not sure the DOT would approve. It would definitely motivate slow drivers out of your way through.



CV: The interior has a ton of switches, like an airplane cockpit...what do some of them control?

RKM: The switches are functional. Most of them control the various lights on the truck as well as the winch. 

CV: Other Navy vets have told us about their love of Captain Morgan...if you could design a vehicle around that, what would it look like?

RKM: Well, you have to go with something sinister. Something that would make Blackbeard himself would drive. Maybe a black 69' Charger or the like with a big modified Hemi. Although we would recommend you wait til you're safely at your destination with it before you break out the rum.



So, we salute you, SEAL Chief Adam Brown and this amazing '91 Bronco, which will now charge as hard as you did.