US vs Iran: What the hell is going on?

Eye on Veterans
January 17, 2020 - 4:48 pm
US vs Iran conflict explained by Sean McFate, former CIA Officer Dan Gabriel and Iraqi military advisor Kadhim Al-Waeli

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In this episode of CBS Eye on Veterans:

Sean McFate, Army veteran, Professor and author of "The New Rules of War" is an expert on foreign policy. He discusses how we are currently fighting the war against terrorism the wrong way, and how a conflict with Iran will require bigger, bolder and seriously covert strategies.

Army veteran and author  Sean McFate talks about the conflict with Iran

Dan Gabriel, a former CIA Officer and the filmmaker behind the documentary "Mosul", explains how the background to his film puts the current conflict with Iran in context.  And how this is all leading to a global showdown between Muslims.

Dan Gabriel, is a former CIA officer and the filmmaker behind the documentary Mosul.

We introduce you to Iraqi born, globally educated, military advisor Kadhim Al-Waeli. Over the last 20 years, he's fought for freedom, made it from refugee camps to America and eventually became an advisor to US military commanders. Here he offers a no-bullshit view of how Iranians and Iraqis see the world and what the US should do to deescalate this global conflict.

Kadhim Al-Waeli talks about the conflict with Iran on CBS Eye on Veterans

Above: Kadhim Al-Waeli, in the studio with Phil Briggs and with's Rod Rodriguez.


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