In the market for a cellular provider? Might be time to check out AT&T

Lauren Warner
October 03, 2018 - 1:41 pm

Photo courtesy of U.S. Army SSG Sharilyn Wells

AT&T just gave their military discount an update. It's one that your wallet is sure to like. 

Starting Friday, October 5, active duty military, veterans and their families will be able to receive new discounts on AT&T Unlimited & More or AT&T Unlimited & More Premium wireless plans. Those eligible can receive discounts on wireless, on AT&T video service and AT&T internet.

The breakdown of discounts is as follows:

  • 25% off wireless service of the &More and &More Premium plan (that’s 1 line starting at $52.50 or $120 for a family of 4, only $30 per line after autopay and paperless bill discounts);
  • $15 off/month for select video services including DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW; and
  • $15 off/month for select AT&T Internet services

Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy Ensign James Griffin

"AT&T has put the time and resources to show appreciation for personnel and veterans that have vowed to service – while we can never repay them for their commitment, we’d like to offer a token of appreciation," says Mike Wittrock, Senior Vice President – Indirect Sales & Distribution, AT&T

Keep in mind that the updated discounts apply to new wireless plans so customers are required to enroll in an AT&T Unlimited & More plan in order to receive the discount. Eligible participants include active duty, Reserve and National Guard members, veterans, their families and spouses of deceased service members. 

To sign up for the new discounts, visit any retail store or find more details here. 

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