CBS Eye on Veterans: Scientists, sensationalism and are we safe this summer?

Eye on Veterans
May 29, 2020 - 2:10 pm
Maj. Nathan Fisher and Dr Mark Kortepeter discuss the COVID danger this Summer

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On this episode:

Will COVID-19 kill summer?

People wearing masks on the beach in California
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How scared should we be of COVID 19 this summer?

We talk with Maj. Nathan Fisher, a former U.S. Army microbiologist and infectious disease expert about the risks still associated with the coronavirus. Plus, we discuss conspiracy theories, the "Plandemic" viral video, and where we should seriously be wearing masks.

Army Microbiologist and Disease Expert Nathan Fisher answers questions about COVID

Dr. Mark Kortepeter is a retired Army colonel, physician, research scientist and bio-defense expert who led research at one of the most hazardous infectious disease laboratories in the country -- Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. He shares his perspective on the current state of the COVID-19 crisis and details from his book “Inside the Hot Zone.” 

Soldier, Scientist and Disease Expert Dr Mark Kortepeter talks about COVID and his book Inside the Hot Zone

We also get answers to the question, “Is it safe to return to the beach this summer?” and "Do I have to wear a damn mask?"


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