Mad Dog & The General's flat tire

Phil Briggs
February 11, 2019 - 2:51 pm

Maggert / Briggs Illustration

Meet Army veteran Tony "Maddog" Maggert.

He’s a veteran, a chef, an amputee and for a moment he was the most viral story on the Internet.


Above: VetStory Host, Phil Briggs gets introduced to Tony "Maddog" Maggert's bionic leg.

We had Chef "Maddog" Maggert in the studio to talk about his roadside encounter with General Colin Powell, and we learned he's more than just a roadside good samaritan - he's absolutely wild! 

On this podcast you'll hear about:

  • Twisted humor: "Half-priced foot massages?" 
  • 3 limbs; "One for every branch I served in ... " 
  • Marine Corps enlistment
  • GI Bill to Butter Bar
  • Zoomie to Soldier?
  • Goin back outside the wire...
  • World's grossest boil
  • Maybe someone should call my wife?
  • "Surgeons are babies ... just cut it off!"
  • Meat sticks
  • Chef Maddog
  • Changing General Powell's tire
  • Becoming the "Sausage King of the World"

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