Jack Murphy talks Murphy's Law, war crimes and deadly tech threats

Phil Briggs
August 09, 2019 - 4:04 pm
Jack Murphy author of book Murphy's Law



Jack Murphy has been a Ranger, Sniper, Green Beret, investigative journalist, paramilitary podcaster and author. 

But in his latest book "Murphy's Law" he shares details about a character he rarely talks about- himself. 

Jack Murphy of Murphy's Law

"These military memoirs are a genre, and they're a trope at this point," said Murphy. "Some of them, fall into the category of guys boasting about how many brown people they've killed, and that just grosses me out. I've spent too much time around soldiers and too much time around war for that kind of BS...This is a 'warts and all' kind of story. It's kind of a tell-all about myself, the good things I've done and the bad. I really wanted the younger generation of Americans who are thinking of joining the military to read it and see the good and the bad." 

When we talked to Murphy we certainly got the good and the bad, especially as it relates to the news stories coming out of the Special Ops community. After reports of SEAL Teams being pulled out of Iraq, guys doing coke in Virginia Beach bars and the unsavory stories of war crimes that came out during the trial of SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher, Murphy offered a fascinating take: "You can deploy a guy the first or second time and he's a perfectly good person, morally ethically, legally he's on track. But you get to deployment 8,9,10 you think he's the same person?"

Jack Murphy ready to take the shot as a Ranger Sniper in Afghanistan

Murphy's descriptions about life in the world of Special Operations are colorful and so are his predictions about stories we'll hear in the future.

"There's stuff out there that's worse than anything we've heard about thus far. I'm not sure if it will all come out in the wash, but I have to believe there's an ex-wife out there sitting on a hard drive of deployment photos somewhere, or some guy's going catch a case of Jesus and decide to tell all on 60 Minutes."

One thing is for sure, Murphy shared a hell of a lot of incredible life stories and provocative opinions during our interview.


Murphy covering the war in Syria

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