CBS Eye on Veterans: From Delta Force to 'Basic Dude Stuff' with Pat McNamara

Eye on Veterans
July 17, 2020 - 3:56 pm
Delta Force veteran Pat McNamara is going viral with Basic Dude Stuff videos and Combat Strength Training

After a career with one of the most elite and covert Spec Ops units in the military (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta), Army veteran Pat McNamara now has a very public persona. 

Army Delta Force veteran Pat McNamara creates viral video Basic Dude Stuff

Host Phil Briggs traveled to North Carolina to see how his viral "Basic Dude Stuff" videos are made; check out his Combat Strength Training program; and learn how his book "The Sentinel" delivers life lessons for the ultimate dad ... or dude.

Army Spec Ops veteran Pat McNamara and Eye on Veterans host Phil Briggs

In this four-part interview, McNamara shares lessons from his book "The Sentinel." McNamara explains how we are all "the agent in charge of our own executive protection detail" and how everyone can easily apply some special operations tactics to their daily lives. The examples he uses are really not paranoid, but rather add a layer of planning and preparation that make even mundane trips to Walmart seem exciting. How do you identify a threat lurking in a parking lot? Would you know how to get out of a building if it caught on fire -- or worse yet -- came under fire from a lunatic? 

He also shares every day driving tips like what lane you should always try to be in, how to survive going off a bridge and what essential things you need to keep in your car.

Click here to check out his book The Sentinel

Army veteran Pat McNamara has gone from Spec Ops to Basic Dude Stuff and Combat Strength Training

Above: (Left) McNamara demonstrates Combat Strength Training with resistance bands, (Right) the garden where his videos show how real warriors grow their own stuff. 

In addition to his book, we talked about his Combat Strength Training instruction.  More than just exercises, he shared why the coronavirus era has him thinking he may never go back to a gym again.

Elite Spec Ops veteran Pat McNamara teaches Basic Dude Stuff and Combat Strength Training

Coronacation 2020 with Pat McNamara: Showing why he no longer needs a grocery store ... or a gym.

We also talked about what inspired his "Basic Dude Stuff" videos. The short video clips are really just McNamara doing basic tasks around the house, including making his wife coffee. According to the Spec Ops veteran, "Basic Dude Stuff is really just things everyone should know how to do ... I love it when people are self-reliant and can't stand it when people are reliant on somebody else to serve them. You should just know basic stuff."

You can find all of the "Basic Dude Stuff " and Combat Strength Training videos here 

And for more information see Pat McNamara's website  TMACS Inc.        

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