WATCH: Soldier meets his baby daughter for the first time

Matt Saintsing
February 14, 2019 - 11:24 am

Screen Grab/ U.S. Army


Anyone who spent time down range knows the joyous moment when you see your loved ones after months (at least) apart. 

But what about greeting your child for the first time?

That’s what Army Spc. Sumner of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade did in a Valentine’s Day celebration to remember. 

The video shared by the U.S. Army’s Twitter account begins with cheers as soldiers returning from Afghanistan hug their families in a hanger at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Sumner is quickly seen making a bee-line to his wife and infant daughter with a smile stretching from ear to ear. 

He immediately hugs and kisses his wife and looks in awe as he gazes into his child’s eyes for the first time in person. 

It’s hard to hear what they say as the noisy room fills with tears and laughter, but Sumner reaches into his cargo pocket for something special for his daughter—a stuffed animal (a hippo, perhaps?). 

He then cradles his infant in his arms and looks back at his wife. It’s some of the warmest 27 seconds you’ll ever see. 

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