Out of this world. Army astronaut administers oath to recruits from space station

Lisa McLean
February 26, 2020 - 2:28 pm
Army astronaut Col. Andrew Morgan

Ronald Bailey


Over one thousand Army recruits, scattered across more than 150 U.S. locations, took their oaths today via a live broadcast from the International Space Station.

Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaelis, deputy commander general operations for the United States Recruiting Command, officiated the ceremony.

The ceremony was the brainchild of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command’s partnership with NASA and Space Center Houston to host the first nationwide oath of enlistment.

Army astronaut Col. Andrew Morgan, an Army combat veteran, administered the oath. Morgan is part of the U.S. Army Astronaut Detachment that supports NASA with flight crews and provides engineering expertise for human interface with space systems.

Before the oath was given, Michaelis told the recruits the importance of the space program to the Army.

“The Army is the largest user of space-enabled systems in our Army’s modernization efforts continue to focus on the asymmetric capabilities that space-based technologies can provide,” Michaelis said.

“More than ever we need qualified and innovative talent that are on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s potential.”

Morgan also took part in a question-and-answer session with students.

He told them, “As you set off on this journey, you’ll hear that voice in your head, maybe you shouldn’t do this--things that are worth doing are difficult, I can’t stress this enough.”

Army astronaut Col. Andrew Morgan

Morgan told the students he chose the army because he had grown up around it. Both his grandfather’s had served in WW II, one in the Marines, and the other in the Army.

“I liked the variety the Army presented,” he said. “There are so many opportunities.”

He also stressed being well rounded in subjects like history and language in addition to the science and technology subjects.

"All of you have started an exciting journey." “Morgan said.  “I’m so proud of you—and so humble to start it with you.”

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