So happy to be together again, Army couple reunites after 8-months apart

Julia LeDoux
January 18, 2019 - 11:01 am

ID 34344789 © Leslie Banks |

There is nothing quite like a hug, especially if you haven’t seen the love of your life for eight long months.

Army Second Lt. Jamie Douglas and her husband, Army Second Lt. Jordan Pruitt, have been together since high school. Both come from military families and both began their military careers by joining the ROTC in college.

Soon after Pruitt asked Douglas to be his wife, she got deployed to Iraq. When Douglas returned stateside, she knew she wanted to do something special to surprise Pruitt, so she walked in on him during a class he was attending at Fort Sam Houston and the cameras were rolling

Pruitt said he noticed he hugged Douglas about five times in the short video.

“I guess that was just kind of a cathartic expression of all that, you know,  just like, man it’s finally here. It’s real,” he said.

Douglas said being deployed this early in her military career wasn’t something she was mentally prepared for.

Pruitt is training as a physical therapist and Douglas is a medical platoon leader.

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