After the Army, she made her job making lives better

Phil Briggs
September 02, 2018 - 11:31 am

This Labor Day Weekend we recognize a veteran who, over the last decade, has changed more lives than most of us will in our lifetimes.

Former Army Linguist Janiece Marquez has gone from Afghanistan to South America to Africa and along the way become a business owner, and a global force for good.

We salute her service and share her story on this episode of VetStory.

Her bio reflects how she has already had an incredible impact on the world- Janiece joined the Army in 2005, a career which is highlighted by two distinguished deployments to Afghanistan. She endured a 15-month tour in eastern Afghanistan in 2008-2009, followed by a deployment from 2011-12 in Afghanistan's Kunar province. 


There she worked with 3rd and 5th Special Forces Groups as a Cultural Support Team member conducting Village Stability Operations, earning the trust of local villagers.


After leaving the Army in 2012 Janiece founded Stable Outcomes, a stability operations startup operating in dynamic and complex environments.  With Janiece as the CEO, Stable Outcomes consulted with South American security forces on military and police stability operations. 

She then traveled to remote areas of Liberia and aided in conducting counter-Ebola measures.

Janiece personally worked in Ebola hot-zones delivering clean water to Liberia’s most-affected villages and teaching villagers how to prevent the contraction and spread of Ebola.


Hear her amazing story on the latest episode of the podcast VetStory.