If you've been stationed in Arizona, there might be some money with your name on it

Julia LeDoux
November 15, 2019 - 11:34 am


Were you ever stationed in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Revenue might just be looking for you.

More than 8,800 military personnel who were once stationed in Arizona have more than $2.3 million in unclaimed money waiting for them, the agency says. 

The agency is sending out notices to the service member’s last known base in Arizona or most current address in the hopes that they or a family member will contact ADOR Unclaimed Property, an agency release said.

Military personnel whose last known addresses include Luke Air Force Base, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca Army Base, Yuma Proving Ground Army Base, Camp Navajo Army Base, and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma have been identified as being owed money.

Those funds date back more than 30 years. The largest amount is $86,034 and belongs to one person, according to the release.

The property became unclaimed “because the company that holds the funds has an outdated or the wrong forwarding address for its customer and, in some cases, a person passes away with no family members aware of the assets," the release states.

Many of those accounts are turned over to the state after a few years of being inactive. The property will be returned to claimants who provide documentation showing their right to claim the assets.

“Claimants must include with their claim form a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or other applicable identification, and documentation linking them to the owner’s last known address,” the release reads. “Claimants must also provide documentation demonstrating a legal right to claim any property listed in another name.”

In the past three fiscal years, the program has returned about $170 million to individuals and businesses. 

For more information on the Unclaimed Property program, including how to make claim go to www.azdor.gov and click on the Unclaimed Property tab.

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