Eye on Veterans now heard by vets, troops outside U.S.

Military's overseas network broadcasts ConnectingVets radio programs

Eye on Veterans
June 21, 2018 - 3:13 pm

Courtesy Department of Defense


The international radio network providing stateside news and entertainment to military people serving abroad has begun airing CBS Eye on Veterans -- the veteran-focused daily reports and weekend magazine-format program powered by ConnectingVets.com and distributed by CBS News Radio.

That adds some 400,000 weekly listeners in 166 countries -- and on more than 200 U. S. Navy vessels at sea -- to the two million-plus who hear the content on radio stations in the U. S.

"Our AFN Radio listeners include veterans working and living overseas," said Scott Stover, chief of radio and TV at the American Forces Network Broadcast Center.  "Then there are the active duty force members serving outside the U. S.  They'll be veterans one day themselves.  So we appreciate content like Eye on Veterans that informs current and future veterans about issues affecting them."

"Too often, people in the military don't begin thinking about life after military service until it's too late to properly plan for it," notes Chas Henry, the Marine Corps veteran who hosts daily Eye on Veterans reports.  "So we're excited by this opportunity to make future vets aware of things they need to be considering — whether they'll be transitioning back to the civilian world after four years or 20-plus.  We're really grateful that AFN is adding both our daily reports and our two-hour weekend audio magazine, hosted by Navy vet Eric Dehm, to its global radio programming."

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