This former airman crossed the country on foot for his fellow veterans

Julia LeDoux
September 06, 2019 - 10:01 am
William Shuttleworth

Photo courtesy William Shuttleworath


Air Force veteran William Shuttleworth can check walking across the country off his to-do list.

“I walked for 62,000 veterans that are homeless today and 1.5 million that are at risk of becoming homeless,” he told WCVD during a ceremony welcoming him back home to Newburyport, Mass. Thursday.

Could you walk 3000 miles? William Shuttleworth is, for his fellow vets

Shuttleworth raised more than $58,000 and hopes to raise $100,000 through his GoFundMe page.  He began the walk, which he called "Vets Don’t Forget Vets," May 15 from his home in Newburyport and reached Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Rosa, Calif. on Sept. 1. 

Last year Shuttleworth was working at an outdoor camp in California where many disadvantaged veterans stay when his inspiration for the walk struck.

“Listening to their stories at the picnic table every day about how sad they were, how depressed they were, how they were denied services, on drugs, I came home and told my wife I wanted to do something about it,” he told Connecting Vets.

Shuttleworth, 71, zeroed in on the idea of walking across the country because he’s been blessed with good health, despite the fact that his brother died of ALS and his sister has Alzheimer’s.

“I thank the angels and God for giving me the strength, protection and blessings to be able to accomplish this journey and to all of you, I say thank you,” he wrote in a Facebook post to his supporters after finishing the walk.

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