This farmer went from the Air Force to YouTube fame

Phil Briggs
August 14, 2019 - 7:38 am
Air Force veteran Josh Draper is Stoney Ride Farmer on YouTube

Stoney Ridge Farmer

With over a quarter-million subscribers, YouTube sensation Stoney Ridge Farmer grows more followers than food.

But for Air Force veteran Josh Draper, it's all part of his plan.

"We came up here with a push mower, a weed wacker and a chainsaw thinking we were going to conquer the world."

Draper explained how after his time in the service he embarked on a few different career paths and eventually had the opportunity to buy a real fixer-upper.

"We ended up buying a 60-acre plot of land that was an overgrown, total disaster. And now here we are, working on it every day ...  and we've grown to 200 acres. Right now we've got chickens and we're getting ready to add cows ... but what I mostly do is teach.  I enjoy showing people what farming is really all about, and what it's like to start a first-generation farm."

Stoney Ridge Farmer videos now receive thousands of views and cover topics like fence building, tips for everyday living, and "Tool Tuesdays" where Draper gives instructions on using everything from a garden planter seeder to an electric grease gun.

During our interview, Draper shared the details of how he spent a deployment in Saudi Arabia preparing to launch his own business.  He also discussed how along the way he's had several jobs including handyman and registered nurse. Draper outlined how after a series of connections, he was drawn to the land and eventually transformed an overgrown and desolate tobacco field into a thriving 200-acre farm featuring chickens, goats and, coming soon, beef cattle.  The Stoney Ridge Farmer also shared examples of how modern farming techniques can grow a successful small business.  Ultimately Draper reveals the investment that everyone should make, whether you're just getting out of the service or looking to start a new career.  

Check out life on the farm and more Stoney Ridge Farmer videos here.

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