Air Force vet brings new, healthy option to the snack world

Eric Dehm
April 16, 2018 - 10:11 am

Photo courtesy Dr. Renette Dallas

Dr. Renette Dallas joined the military at 29, a bit later in life than your average recruit. She already had a career as a civil engineer, but she was looking for something more, particularly a sense of accomplishment and purpose. While she found both while wearing Air Force blue in the Air National Guard, her time in service was cut short due to a serious bout with tuberculosis. 

While she was in excellent shape prior to the illness, and had been relatively healthy, she found that she wasn't making progress in recovery. Her doctors had prescribed her all the normal medication, but she simply wasn't getting better as fast as had been hoped. She wasn't, that is, until she made a significant change to her diet that led to a change in her life.

"I wasn't getting better so I looked into raw food preparations," Dr. Dallas said during an appearance on The Morning Briefing radio show. "And that actually helped me, and I switched and pursued naturopathic care and got my doctorate as a naturopath."

At that point, she became Dr. Dallas, who would go on to become a bit of a renaissance woman. She's a personal trainer whose opened a holistic wellness center and is currently working to establish a holistic clinic in South Africa. That's all in addition to what could be considered Dr. Dallas's main job, running her team at True Pop Popcorn, a fast-growing brand in the healthy snack world.

True Pop is air popped and uses healthier substances like sunflower oil and nooch (a type of nutritional yeast) to add flavor and avoids any of the processes or additives, like butter and sugar, that make many popcorn brands shockingly unhealthy.

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In keeping all of the balls she's juggling in the air, Dr. Dallas says the keys to her success thus far have been the discipline and ability to stay on schedule she honed during her time in uniform. That specific type of intestinal fortitude generated by most during military service is something she believes is an advantage to any vet thinking about going into business for themself, if they're maintained.

"Discipline and time management all go together," Dallas said. "I think if we maintain all of the core principles that they taught us in the military, those translate to excellent business skills, leadership skills, and you just can't go wrong. That's the truth."

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