Air Force Association: "Our mission is to promote a dominant Air Force"

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February 25, 2019 - 9:30 am
airmen present colors at an Air Force Association function

Photo courtesy Air Force Association

The US Air Force is, without a doubt, the most dominant Air Force in the world and one major organization aims to keep it that way. It's the focus of the Air Force Association (AFA), which has over 100,000 members, and is involved in advocating, educating, and promoting on behalf of the Air Force.

The current president of the 501(c)(3) non-profit, retired Air Force General Larry Spencer, says the AFA is constantly working to help Airmen and the Air Force.

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"Essentially our mission is to promote a dominant Air Force," says Spencer. "...So we put on several things to help Airmen and their families. We have a 'Wounded Airman' program that we support wounded and ill airmen. We have two large conferences we put on every year... for professional development." 

And that's not all, as Spencer says the AFA also operates a think tank, STEM initiatives, and more. With the organizational focus being on the Air Force, one might assume that having an Air Force background is a requirement for membership, but Spencer says that's not the case.

"Anyone can join the Air Force Association," Spencer explains. "Regardless of service, whether you were in the military or not, anyone can join so we have a mixture. We have active duty, reserves, retirees, civilians, we have people from other services. So it's wide open, It's a big tent... so anyone that's interested in a strong national defense and in a strong Air Force in particular, our arms are wide open."

You can hear the full interview with AFA President General (Ret.) Larry Spencer below.

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