The Air Force Academy has chosen a name for its new mascot

Elizabeth Howe
September 16, 2020 - 10:59 am

Air Force Academy


Despite some stiff competition from name suggestions like "Fearless," "Velocity," and "Falcon McFalconface," the Air Force Academy has decided to name its new mascot Nova. 

The AFA made a call via Twitter for name suggestions at the end of June, back when Nova was just a wee little fluffball. 

Now, the all-grown-up Nova is ready to spread her wings as the Academy's symbol. 

Nova is replacing Aurora, the AFA's oldest mascot, who died last October at the ripe old falcon age of 23. Aurora died of old age -- despite PETA's claims otherwise. 

PETA demanded at the beginning of July that the then-unnamed Nova be released and the AFA cease its use of live animals as mascots. 

"It’s ironic, to say the least, that the Air Force Academy would keep majestic birds in confinement while training its cadets to fly," PETA Senior Director of Youth Programs Marta Holmberg said in a letter to Air Force Academy commandant Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria.

Nova and her snowperson look happy to us. 


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