Best Holiday Sale Ever: 99 bad-ass Humvees

Phil Briggs
November 27, 2018 - 10:58 am

Dreamstime/Briggs Illustration

Do you really want to make it a December to remember?

Forget luxury cars or jewelry, get the veteran in your life a truly unforgettable gift -- a military grade Hummer!

Liquidity Services

For the first time ever, Liquidity Services is offering for sale the AM General M1025A2 GMV Armament Carrier class HMMWV or ‘Humvee.'

“The market has long desired access to this specific model of Humvee and we’re excited and honored to be the first to bring these coveted vehicles to the public,” said David Gibson, Senior Director of Operations for Liquidity Services.  That's an understatement.

The 99 vehicles, which are located in Chambersburg, PA, feature the following specifications:

  • Higher powered GM 8 cylinder 6.5L diesel engine (compared to standard 6.2L) 
  • 4LE80 4 speed transmission
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain (compared to standard 3 speed)
  • Upgraded Rod Hall suspension
  • Many units include additional features such as brush guards and winches

“We can’t wait to see the various ways in which our buyers will customize these Humvees, the possibilities are endless and the increased power and weight capacity (including the upgraded suspension that only these units received) over a standard Humvee gives much more flexibility for a buyer looking to create something unique,” said Gibson. “We’ve seen Humvees climbing walls, Humvees underwater, snow Humvees and Humvees getting into (and out of) places where no other vehicle can reach, who knows what’s next!”

While these bad-ass military muscle machines have been an essential tool for our combat troops since the nineties, there has never been this large of a sale of these rare Ground Mobility Vehicles. 

And don’t worry about being able to tow your toys behind these bad boys, as the M1025A2’s higher weight capacity was originally designed to mount the TOW antitank missile system. Boom!

Interested buyers can register for free through GoIndustry DoveBid marketplace,