8 things about the guy who stole the armored vehicle

Phil Briggs
June 07, 2018 - 12:41 pm

Dreamstime/Briggs Illustration

Meet Joshua Yabut, the Virginian National Guard commander, who was arrested after taking an M577 Armored Personnel Carrier for a joyride from Fort Pickett to Richmond, VA.

We wanted to know more about the guy who hopped in an APC (that only does about 50mph) drove it off base and then lead police on a 2-hour chase. (Other than to make it on the list of "Best Police Chases Ever")

After some research here's what we found:

1. He's a big fan of Wu-Tang Clan

2. He's a Tor-Forker

The Register reported he's a "cryptocurrency developer, occasional infosec researcher" and Yabut once "gained notoriety in the Tor community during the Tor Project's 2016 Jacob Appelbaum scandal, after trying to create an 'anti-social justice warrior' Tor fork." 

Still not sure what a Tor fork is? We're not either, but we know Tor is a tool for anonymizing web browsing and communications through encryption and proxy servers.  It's like Google for the "dark web" and users IP address cannot be tracked.  So if you're looking for drugs, guns or a human toe, it's the place to go. Suffice to say Yabut tweeted a lot about techy things; BitCoin, cybersecurity articles, and pics that would appeal to hackers and programmers alike.

3. His tweets from the low speed chase had some hilarious replies.

4. He had unusual taste in women.

5. He claimed he was about to reveal a big scandal.

6. He had plans to become a Senator

He had endorsements for his campaign

He was confident he could get enough signatures to get on the ballot

7. He had a weird fascination with Steak Umms

He even thought about them before going to bed

8. And  we're not sure what was going on here, but this post was followed by one which read, “Can’t wait to get home to my girlfriend." 

So, good luck in court Mr Yabut.  Though we don't condone joy riding a tank on public highways, we did find your 15 minutes of fame highly entertaining.

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