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The 5 Paragraph Business Plan mixes business acumen with military methodology

Jake Hughes
January 26, 2018 - 10:05 am

Going from Marine infantryman to entrepreneur might seem like a big step. And it is, one that Michael Penney took with little to no break. "May 16th, four days after I got out of the Marine Corps, I was in Boston, Massachusetts for my first day in College. Didn't even take a breather."

During college, Michael found that businesses could benefit from a little military common sense. That in mind, he created the 5 Paragraph Business Plan. Based off of both Army and Marine Corps mission planning concepts, the plan is designed to help balance civilian business savvy with military thinking. "I needed a planning methodology that I could easily understand and apply to any business situation. So, me and my partner Bennet said, 'okay, let's write it.' That's what entrepreneurs do: the find a problem, and solve it." The Plan was built using the military operations order as a foundation, combining it with "The Nuts and Bolts of Great Business Plans" in order to create an easy to understand tool for managing work and people.

The 5 Paragraph Business Plan combines proven business and military planning concepts into a powerful tool that's simple and easy to use. It helps business owners to organize, conceptualize, and run teams with military efficiency. Michael is writing a book about the plan, complete with tutorials. "We make it super simple. It's auditory, it's visual, it's kinesthetic. It's a workbook, and you have to put pen to paper, otherwise you're not going to retain it." Very soon, they will be offering eCourses in how to manage according to the 5 Paragraph plan, completing a debrief, and how to put together an after action review. This will help entrepreneurs to create positive change in their organizations.

For more information, you can visit https://5paragraph.com/  To learn more about Michael, you can listen to his podcast series "Cigars and Sea Stories."