243 years in the making, these Army veterans share why they loved serving

Kaylah Jackson
June 13, 2018 - 12:49 pm

Photo by Lt. Col. Gregg Moore


Today, the United States Army celebrates its 243rd birthday. It was only right that we reach out to soldiers themsevlves, past and present and hear from them, why they love that Army green.

“I learned about how diverse individuals can come together to make a strong organization. The Army allowed me the ability to see the world and escape the bubble of my hometown.” –Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling

“I'm part of a 243-year tradition of national sevice, of men and women volunteering to defend the nation we love. I get to work with America's best, from every state and walk of life, united by a willingness to serve. Every day I put on my uniform, it's a privilege and an honor.”- "T.C.N.

“I get to be on a team of motivated people dedicated to something bigger than themselves and totally committed to be the best at what they do.”- C.R.T.K.

“There had always been people out there fighting for what *I* believed in. Then I realized I could do some of that fighting myself.” –M.S.L.

“Nowhere else can I get the leadership experience and challenge while also watching individuals learn just how much they can push themselves to” – P.P.T.S.

“The brotherhood and camaraderie.” - Minx, WTF Nation Radio Host and Operations Boss 

“I chose an MOS that is more of a supporting role because I absolutely love taking care of Soldiers. It sounds silly but being able to see their relief when they know we have there back makes me happy.”-S.S.

“The best part are my fellow Soldiers that have become brothers and sisters to me. Civilian friendships are not the same as military ones. Nothing builds bonds better than being stuck in the suck together--and the Army knows how to make it suck.” B.M.U

"Outdoor camping." A.S.

“I loved serving in the U.S. Army because I found a family. Taking care of Soldiers was a way of life for my NCOs, and I carry that with me now”-A.R.

“I love the Army because it was my passport out of my hometown. I love the Army because it turned me from a spoiled little girl into a woman. I love the Army because it taught me to lead. I love the Army because it was my turn to help others become part of something bigger then themselves. I love the Army the last day I put on my uniform. I love the entire family that I didn’t know I would gain, that is because of the Army. I love that until I take my last breath the Army will always be part of what defines me.” - Spanky, WTF Nation Radio Front Desk Admin


"Gave me discipline and a sense of brotherhood found no where else!!!"-S.D.

"Got to see the world, make myself proud that I served and gave me purpose-the greatest gift of all."- P.F.

"I was part of a brotherhood willing to give our life for one another. Gave me a purpose and a drive to achieve my goals." -I.L.


“I love the Army because it brings together so many people from different backgrounds into one organization. While other businesses have to work towards diversity, the Army does it on a daily basis. The Army also provided me with countless mentors to help me not only find success in my military career, but also my civilian career.” - Flash, WTF Nation Radio PAO and Host

"Service to my country and doing something that was bigger than myself, to name a few. Should never had retired."- M.T.T.

"Race, color, religion isn't a thing in the Army The brotherhood runs deep in being an American. It was a blessing to serve." -M.C.B.

" I joined the Army when I was 17, in a lot of ways it has been my first and most lasting family. I was an infantryman for 20 years. 'Sua Sponte.’" -S.B.

"The military taught me to soldier, and how to fight for what I belive in. No fear, I am untouchable. My spirit is strong." - R.B.

 "Because it taught me a lot about the world and where loyalties lie with friends. The Army was absolutely pivotal in my life and I sometimes feel I am alive today because of the training and knowledge I was given. Keep fighting forward." -R.W. 

"The people and the mission." - A.M.

"It was a job for me for 23 yrs, the Army took care of me, I took care of my family. Only if I could get civilians to understand this concept." -L. D. C.

"The brotherhood." - L.R.