21 American flags stolen and burned from veteran’s mausoleum

Kaylah Jackson
July 10, 2019 - 8:50 am
21 American flags stolen from US veterans’ graves on Fourth of July and burned:

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Twenty-one American flags that lined a veteran’s mausoleum at a South Carolina cemetery were stolen and later burned during the Independence Day weekend according to police.

A post on the McDougald Funeral Home’s Facebook page stated over the holiday weekend, "someone pulled up 21 American Flags that lined the roadway to our Veteran's Mausoleum and had the nerve to burn them, yes burn them, on the lawn in the cemetery right in front of where our Veteran's and their families rest in peace."

“We have a strong veteran community here in Anderson and you know if they’ll do it here at our cemetery what’s to prevent them from doing it somewhere else,” Dough McDougald, owner of Forest Lawn Cemetery, told WSPA.

A report was filed with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and deputies are currently investigating the incident.

According to WYTF News, the cemetery staff has no surveillance video of the event. The value of the damaged property totals $1,260.

The funeral home is asking anyone who might have information about this event to contact them at 864-424-4343 or the cemetery office at 864-225-1636.

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