11 organizations women veterans need to know about

Kaylah Jackson
December 13, 2018 - 12:50 pm

(Photo by Dani Johnson)

Leaving the service doesn’t have to mean leaving your community behind. While women are on track to being the fastest growing population of veterans, finding that community of sisters-in-arms can be challenging once you take off your uniform.

Here is a list of local and national organizations focused on strengthening the women veteran community:

Center for Women Veterans (CWV)

Did you know that each VA has a designated women’s health provider? If you don’t know who yours is, you need to ask. CWV is the national hub to ensure women veterans services are “on par with male veterans.” The advocates on behalf of all women veterans and their needs and its website regularly post news and resources women veterans should know about.

Women Veterans Interactive (WVI)

Founded in 2009, by a once homeless women veteran, WVI advocates for women veterans through “advocacy, empowerment, interaction, outreach, and unification.” With national chapters and events, women veterans can find their community and learn more about how to transition from the military to civilian life.

American Women Veterans

Through outreach campaigns, professional development projects, and retreats, American Women Veterans is working to stretch their reach with chapters on a national and overseas scale.

Women Military Aviators

Formed in 1978, this organization educates and promotes the legacy and future of women pilots, navigators, and aircrew.  Their Women in Aviation conference brings together over 400 members each year.

Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN)

With almost 2.5 million female service members in the U.S., SWAN is an amplifying voice within the military women community. From research and legislation to community events, SWAN’s goal is to support military women with the tools and access they need to succeed in and out of the uniform.

Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association (Army Women United)

Originally founded during WWII by mothers of women who served in the Women’s Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). THE CHANNEL, the organization's official publication keeps its members up-to-date about their national convention and other events. You can also join their Facebook group, which boasts nearly 4,000 members.

Women Marines Association (WMA)

The smallest branch with the smallest percentage of women serving, the Women Marines Association promotes the strong legacy of female marines. The organization holds volunteer events, awards scholarships and a national convention. Their next biennial convention will be in 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Women Veterans Network (WoVen)

WoVen is a nation-wide network of peer support for the women veteran community. Groups are made up of 6-10 members, led by two women veteran peer leaders. Through group meetings, the veterans build connections and share resources on everything from career transition to health and wellness.

Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA)

Formally created by Congress in 1901, the ANCA is a voluntary membership organization that supports active-duty, Reserve, Guard, and veteran Army nurses. ANCA offers nursing scholarships, hold a biennial convention, and fosters networking through their quarterly newsletter, The Connection.

Army Women’s Foundation (AWF)

AWF supports the history and future of current female soldiers and veterans. Originally WAC, the Women’s Army Corps Foundation, the organization raised funds to build a museum honoring the history of the Women’s Army Corps. The museum opened in 1977. Each year, its annual summit brings together experts and women soldiers to talk about the roles and challenges that Army women face.

Women Veterans ROCK!

A coalition of women veterans and military families, the organization supports women veterans in civic engagement roles and supports them through community events like resource fairs and leadership training.


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