11 incredible things we learned about President George HW Bush

Phil Briggs
December 03, 2018 - 2:56 pm


As the nation reflects on the passing of our 41st President, social media is offering incredible glimpses into the life and accomplishments of President George H.W. Bush.

Whether you’re a veteran, civilian, politico or just a history buff, the Twitter feed from the George HW Bush Presidential Library and Museum is sharing some spectacular moments which truly define why he deserves to be remembered as one of our greatest leaders.

His job interview didn't go so well.  After college, Bush was turned down for a job by Proctor & Gamble 


His first love may have been baseball

He wanted to serve so bad, he almost left the country

In an era where pilots were often lost in combat, Bush's aviation legacy is legendary


His lifelong support for cancer research was unwavering and truly came from his heart

He was far more than a former President

Though he was only CIA Director for about a year, his leadership helped restore respect to an agency recovering from the contentious post Vietnam era and serious public mistrust.


In the history of our country, he is one of only two Presidents to have a son also elected President.


He was the only President who lived to see the commissioning of an aircraft carrier, named in his honor


After receiving a welcome letter from his running mate and friend President Reagan, his letter to the incoming President Bill Clinton started a tradition which is still observed today.  It demostrates why he is revered by members of both political parties.

He is widely praised by every living President, and considered the epitome of the Greatest Generation